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Dave Hunter

Dave HunterDave Hunter is a track & field journalist, announcer, and broadcaster.  Dave reports on the premier track & field gatherings around the globe, frequently serves as an arena or stadium announcer for championship events, and has undertaken foreign and domestic broadcast assignments in the sport.




Long-Serving Director Blends Tradition With Innovation

Franklin Field
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Track & Field - arguably the oldest of sports and the sport that sparked all others - places an emphasis on tradition. And no gathering pays more homage to the time-honor elements of our sport than the Penn Relays, now staging its 122nd Carnival.

But if you look more closely, over the years, Penn - quietly and without fanfare - has also found ways to integrate innovative elements in this massive 3-day meet of domestic and international high school, collegiate, and professional athletes without being disrespectful to its traditions that have evolved over 3 centuries.


Baysa_AtsedeFV-Boston16.JPGAtsede Baysa, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ethiopian Captures Wreath With Phoenix-Like Finish

Patriots' Day

April 18th, 2016

Boston, Massachusetts

One should be hesitant to quote a Yankee great in the shadow of Fenway Park, but as that old philosopher Yoga Berra often said, "It's never over 'til it's over." The Hall Of Fame catcher - who died last fall - would have smiled if he could have seen the almost unfathomable comeback of Atsede Baysa to win the 120th Boston Marathon.



Berhanu_LemiFV-Boston16.JPGLemi Berhanu Hayle, photo by PhotoRun.net


Hayle, Desisa Duke It Out Over The Final 10 Miles

Patriots' Day

April 18th, 2016

Boston, Massachusetts

There is a shop-worn expression in road racing that compares marathoning with boxing. How so, you ask? In boxing, you beat on your opponent until he quits. In marathoning, you beat on yourself until your opponent quits.

Today - in the sun-drenched streets of Boston - a boxing match took place. In one corner, the defending champion Lelisa Desisa. In the other corner, the challenger Lemi Hayle.



Felix_Allyson1a-Doha15.jpgAllyson Felix, Doha, May 2015, photo by PhotoRun.net


Epic Sprinter Senses It's "The Right Time To Go For It"

Great athletes relish a challenge. It is ever so in track & field, where driven performers - faced with formidable competition, a targeted time, or height, or distance - are motivated to establish a goal to fortify their push for success. And once in a while, truly outstanding competitors in sport can actually be observed going out of their way to create their own even-greater challenge, to inspire themselves to even more magnificent performances.

Allyson Felix - one of the most decorated and versatile sprinters in track & field history - is one of those rare, exceptional athletes. Already one of the most storied 200m runners ever to grace the sport, Felix - the reigning Olympic 200 meter champion who also has won multiple World Championship gold medals in the furlong - is not content to seek only to successfully defend her 200m Olympic crown in Rio. She is also seeking gold in the 400m. "I guess the way that I look at it is really testing myself, pushing myself," notes Felix who occasionally refers to the 200m event as 'my baby.' "A double has always been important to me. And so if I didn't do it, I would always wonder if I could or I'd have regrets about it. For me, it's all about challenging myself, doing something different, stepping outside of my comfort zone of what I usually do."

Wanjiru Repeats; Jepchumba Surprises

Over the centuries, the citizens of Prague have borne witness to countless great  performances. With today’s 18th running of the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon – held on cool, dry, windless, and glorious early spring day – they were treated to several more.


Prague Half Marathon To Kick Off 7-Race Gold Label Race Series

When the starting pistol fires Saturday to signal the start of the 18th annual Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon, it will also mark the commencement of the first event of the 7-race RunCzech Running Race Series. For the first time, the entire Series will carry the coveted IAAF Gold Label – the highest award given to long distance road races by the sport’s governing body. Gold label classification is a most exclusive distinction. And Prague – with its three Series races so recognized with this honor, more than any other city – can now be celebrated as the most decorated city in road racing.


Berian_BorisFV1-Worlds16.JPgBoris Berian, photo by PhotoRun.net


There are three facets of enjoyment for a long-scheduled, much-anticipated event that proves to be memorable: the anticipation; the actual experience; and the lasting reflection. Few would disagree that these 16th IAAF World Indoor Championship gathering proved its worth as one such event. There have been so many memorable moments - some overwhelming, others more subtle - it is difficult to single out the best. While others will certainly have their own, different collection, here is the listing of my top ten memorable moments - in ascending order, of course!


Feeney_Patrick4x4Q-Worlds16.JPgFeeney_Patrick4x4Q-Worlds16.JPgPatrick Feeney, 4x400m, photo by PhotoRun.net


Track & field is essentially an individual sport where finely-tuned, driven athletes pursue individual records and honors. True enough, global championships such as these of course have a team component where countries strive to accumulate an overall medal count of which they will be proud. But, in reality, national medal counts are an aggregation of the medal-worthy performances of their individual countrymen and countrywomen.

But there is an exception to the usually-solitary pursuit of track and field greatness. The relays. Especially the granddaddy show-closer: the 4 x 400m. When 4 individual athletes combine to create a racing quartet for their country, the relay mates - who normally warily view each other as their rivals in the individual competitions - are suddenly galvanized by a common purpose: win that medal, preferably a golden one!



Hayes_QuaneraQSF-World16.JPGHayes_QuaneraQSF-World16.JPGQuanera Hayes, photo by PhotoRun.net


One of the more intriguing elements of our sport is the ever-green nature of, shall we say, "talent refreshment" as younger performers emerge on the stage of athletics as older veterans move into the gloaming of their careers. In the field, this spring we've witnessed - among others - the arrival of high jump phenom Vasthi Cunningham. And on the track, several youngsters have impressed - including newly-minted professional 400 meter specialist Quanera Hayes.




Martinez_Brenda-NBind16.jpgBrenda Martinez, photo by PhotoRun.net


Brenda Martinez Tells it Like it is


Anyone who has ever witnessed America middle distance star Brenda Martinez race knows she is a spirited competitor who leaves it all on the track. From her gutty 2013 charge down the Moscow homestretch battlefield to win the first world championship 800 meter medal ever by an American woman to her recent explosive, well-timed kick in winning the Boston Indoor Grand Prix 1500 meter race, Martinez is a passion competitor who consistently races with gusto.

Brenda Martinez brings a similar hold-nothing-back approach in addressing inquiries from the media. Here is the candid way she responded in the Team USA pre-meet press conference on the eve of the 16th IAAF World Indoor Track & Field Championships:


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