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World Championship Flashback!


Wightman Jake FH1 Worlds22
Jake Wightman becomes first Brit since Steve Cram to win WC 1,500m (that was in 1983), World Athletics Championships Eugene, Oregon, USA July15-26, 2022 1500 meter final, Wightman, GBR, New Balance, photo by Kevin Morris

July 19th, 2022

by Dave Hunter

It was another exciting session at Hayward Field on Day Five of the 2022 World Athletics Championship. But the day featured a different spin as new faces graced the podium, and some accomplished, seasoned performers were disappointed.

On the track, it was a tough day for the Norwegians. Even before the session got underway, Norway fans dressed in Viking garb gathered in visible areas of the stadium in anticipation of gold medal performances by their countrymen. But it was not to be.

World Championship Flashback!

2022 WC Gebreslase

Goytom Gebreslase, ETH wins the Marathon, World Athletics Championships, photo by Kevin Morris Eugene, Oregon, USA July15-26, 2022 Marathon, Women


July 18th, 2022

Day Four began shortly after sunrise with the women’s marathon conducted on a 3-lap 14-kilometer loop between Eugene and Springfield and traversing the Willamette River. After the start, favorites Ruth Chepngetich, Judith Korir, and Gotytom Gebreslase took the early lead at the front of the pack. After the first loop, Chengetich stepped off the road with what was purported to be a digestive issue. Her day was done, and the pack moved one. The lead was soon taken over by Korir, with the pack passing halfway in 1:08.49, with the American trio of Sara Hall, Emma Bates, and Keira D’Amato about 90 seconds back in 9th/10th/11th positions. At 28K, Korir and Gebreslase slowly yet effectively were separating themselves from the field and eventually built a margin of 43 seconds away from the pack with 10K to go. Meanwhile, the American trio had moved up to 6th/7th/8th with less than 4 miles to go. With less than 2k’s remaining, Gebreslase, who had been shadowing Korir on the final loop, saw her opportunity, and she took it, making a strong move that Kenyan could not cover. The Ethiopian sailed on to victory, crossing at the finish line at 2:18.11; Korir finished 2nd, 9 seconds back, while Israel’s Lonah Salpeter finished in 2:20.11 to capture the bronze. All three of these medalists bettered Paula Radcliffe’s world championship marathon record of 2:20:57. The three Americans finished well with Hall 5th (2:22:10), Bates 7th (2:23:18 PB), and D’Amato 8th (2:23:34) finishing strong. It was the first time that 3 American women finished in the top ten in a World Championship marathon.

World Championship Flashback!

2022 WC Jamaincan 100m Sweep

SAFP wins her 5th straight WC title at 100m !,World Athletics Championships Eugene, Oregon, USA July15-26, 2022.

photo by Kevin Morris

SAFP, Jackson, Thompson-Herah Complete 1st Ever WC w100m Sweep

July 17th, 2022

The USA’s Day Two clean sweep of all three medals in the men’s 100-meter dash prompts this question: Could we see yet another clean sweep in tonight’s women’s 100m final?

Medal sweeps are rare – even in sprints. With respect to the men’s 100 meters, there have been only two in the World Championships before last night’s USA sweep. And if you examine the Olympic records, there have only been two men’s 100m sweeps at that global event – and they occurred in the prehistoric era (1904 and 1912). But what about the women’s 100 meters and sweeps? In the World Championships, there has never been a sweep of the women’s 100m medals by any country. Ah, but if you look at the Olympic records, you will find that there has been one women’s 100m sweep at the Games. It was in the 2020 Games when the Jamaican women went 1-2-3 in the women’s 100m final last summer. Could it happen tonight? You bet it could. The women who won the 3 Tokyo 100m dash medals – Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson – have all advanced and will compete first in the semi-finals and are good prospects to advance to tonight’s final.

World Championships Flashback!

Oregon 22 World Athletics Champs,

Day Two: USA Men Sweep 100m medals as Kerley, Bracy, Bromell go 1,2,3!

2022 WC m100m Final

The World Men's 100m final, Fred Kerley leads US sweep, World Athletics Championships Eugene, Oregon, USA July15-26, 2022 100 meter final, photo by Kevin Morris

July 16th, 2022

American sprinters and track and field fans love the men’s 100-meter dash. They view that event as their own personal property and that the top step on the men’s 100-meter podium is and should ever be the exclusive domain of American sprinters. In the 17 past World Championships, only 4 non-American athletes not named Usain Bolt have won the men’s World Championship 100-meter final. And they don’t want #5 to occur tonight.

World Championship Flash Back! 

Eugene’s Dream Becomes a Reality

Felix’s 30th Global Medal Is Opening Day Capstone

2022 WC Felix
Allyson Felix, World Athletics Championships Eugene, Oregon, USA July15-26, 2022 4x400 mixed relay, Allyson Felix takes handoff from Elija Godwin, USA, photo by Kevin Morris

July 15th, 2022

The opening day of the World Championship of Athletics in Eugene. Oregon – once only a fond vision not that long ago – became a reality this morning as a field of nearly 2000 competitors representing 192 nations began a 10-day competition featuring the world’s most accomplished athletes on the track and in the field. The World Championships of Athletics were first held in Dublin in 1983. Since that inaugural championship, sixteen subsequent world championship gatherings that followed leading up to this year’s championship were held in various world capitals but never in the United States – until today. The venues were frequently in large metropolitan areas with stadiums seating upwards of 80,000. But Eugene, Oregon – spunky, determined, and well-funded despite its population of only 171,00 – found a pathway to its dream, now possesses an unmatched 21st-century state-of-the-art facility (that seats 30,000), and today celebrates its dream come true. Congratulations.

7 8 22 Crouser 1

Ryan Crouser, 2022 USATF Outdoor Champs, photo by Kevin Morris

July 8th, 2022

No one would ever dispute that shot putter Ryan Crouser, not yet 30 years old, is on his way to establishing himself as the greatest of all-time in that event. In fact, many would say he is already there.

Look at his accomplishments in the ring: Crouser is the current world record holder in the shot put, both indoor and outdoor, with a record indoor put of 22.82m (74’101⁄2) in January of 2021 and an outdoor best of 23.37m/76’8¼” at last year’s Olympic Trials.



6 26 22 The mens 110m hurdles big 750x499

The Men's 110m hurdles, USATF Outdoors, photo by Kevin Morris

Eugene, Oregon

University of Oregon / Hayward Field

June 26th, 2022

As is often the case, the final day of the 2022 USATF Outdoor Track & Field Championships offered a crescendo of performances as the USA assembled its best to represent America in the World Championships to be held on this same Hayward Field track in mid-July. Here are the highlights from the fourth and final day.


McLaughlin’s 51.41 WR Highlights Amazing Day

6 25 22 McLaughlin USATF

Sydney McLaughlin, USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships

Hayward Field, University of Oregon, June 23-26, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris


Eugene, Oregon

University of Oregon / Hayward Field

June 25th, 2022

On a sun-drenched, cloudless day presenting accommodating conditions to run, jump, or throw, America’s most accomplished athletic performers delivered a cornucopia of outstanding performances on the track and on the field.

The most stunning event on this special day was provided by Sydney McLaughlin and her world-record performance in the final of the women’s 400m hurdles. While her victory was widely anticipated, breaking her own world record really had not been given wide consideration. As the reigning Olympic champion crossed the line, the Hayward Field crowd roared as her time – 51.41 – was displayed on the board. Her clocking today is a 5-second improvement on the global best she set at the Tokyo Games.

But McLaughlin’s new global best was not the sole cause for excitement. Here are some of the other happenings that the Hayward Field fans savored.





7 24 22 Mu Athing USATF

Eugene, Oregon

University of Oregon

Hayward Field

June 24th, 2022

Frank Shorter, gold and silver Olympic medalist in the marathon, has long been attributed to the saying, “You can’t run away from speed.” It was the Yalie’s way of saying that on the track or in the field or even on the roads you cannot escape the need for speed, the need to be able to accelerate your pace, to step on the gas, to meet the challenge of your competitors. Here in Eugene, those in Hayward Field had the opportunity in Day Two of the USATF Outdoor Track & Field Championships to witness in action four tremendous athletes who clearly live by that credo and can really dish out the speed.



6 23 22 StPierre MacLean Q USAout22

USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships held

Hayward Field, University of Oregon

June 23rd, 2022

Mu, McLaughlin, Norman, and Kerley Look Unbeatable

A good number of track & field fans attending the USATF outdoor track & field championships may be crestfallen after first reviewing the Day One start list. Day One features only 3 championship finals. Of course, the Under 20 meeting is also simultaneously taking place at Hayward Field. And while the U20 activity offers “Coming Attractions” for our sport, it presently does not have anything like the world championship qualifying drama that accompanies the USATF national championship meet as athletes pursue their goal of securing world championship berths. But not to worry. For many – the athletes and the fans – their Day One attention will be focused on the preliminary activity – “the Rounds.”

Of course, the athletes’ most important goal in the preliminaries is to advance and to ultimately earn a spot in the finals. But the rounds offer more than that. For the competitors, the early, non-final competitions provide an array of helpful opportunities – a chance for the sprinter to see if that new and much-practiced starting technique really does provide a better opening surge in the heat of genuine competition; an opportunity for the jumpers to test that runway or apron and get those all-important steps just right in a bona fide competition; an experience for middle distance racers to not only test-drive a new race strategy but also to see how that healing hamstring fares in an actual race. And in the non-sprint events, athletes are given the opportunity to gain insight into the race strategies of their competitors that can be quite helpful in later, more important rounds. And finally, all of these nuanced observations are also available to coaches, spectators, and other competitors.

So for all at the other-worldly Hayward Field, sit back in your new comfortably- padded chair, complete with cup holder, and enjoy the opening rounds and all they can reveal.


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